We Donate 5% of Our Revenues To Charity

Together, Let's End Malaria

Growing up in Africa, I often suffered from Malaria, a disease that is transmitted by the bite of the mosquito called the female anopheles. This curable disease kills millions of kids in underdeveloped nations worldwide each year. Even though there's a cure, there is still no vaccine. So the only preventive measure for many is a protective net. That's why Ashanty donates 5% of its sales to buy and distribute nets for those who can't afford them.

Hunger is Not A Game

Hunger is a constant pain gnawing away at hungry children worldwide. At Ashanty Chocolate, it is our mission to make starving children in our communities a thing of the past.

The Lack of Clean Water is a Crisis

The lack of clean water causes diseases responsible for the death of thousands of children worldwide. In Africa, many schools lack a water faucet. Boys and girls go all day in school without the possibility of washing their hands because there is no water. With a water fountain like one in this picture, we can make a difference.

Education is a Human Right

Sixty million African kids will reach adolescence lacking the most basic literacy and numeric skills. Failure to tackle the learning deficit will deprive a whole generation of opportunities to develop their potential and escape poverty. Sometimes, all they need is a book and someone willing to teach them how to read it.

Cancer Affects Us All

My mom had a breast cancer scare, and my dad had a prostate cancer scare. While my family is so far lucky to have escaped this horrible disease, it's not the case for the 8 million people who lose their lives each year to cancer worldwide. We know that Cancer the treatment is often expensive, so we want to help those in need.